PQCrypto 2022
The 13th International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography
September 28–30, 2022

Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted to PQCrypto 2022.

Code-Based Cryptography
  • Hybrid Decoding – Classical-Quantum Trade-Offs for Information Set Decoding
    Andre Esser, Sergi Ramos-Calderer, Emanuele Bellini, José I. Latorre, and Marc Manzano
  • How to Backdoor (Classic) McEliece and How to Guard Against Backdoors
    Tobias Hemmert, Alexander May, Johannes Mittmann, and Carl Richard Theodor Schneider
  • LRPC codes with multiple syndromes: near ideal-size KEMs without ideals
    Carlos Aguilar-Melchor, Nicolas Aragon, Victor Dyseryn, Philippe Gaborit, and Gilles Zémor
  • Interleaved Prange: A New Generic Decoder for Interleaved Codes
    Anmoal Porwal, Lukas Holzbaur, Hedongliang Liu, Julian Renner, Antonia Wachter-Zeh, and Violetta Weger
  • A Study of Error Floor Behavior in QC-MDPC Codes
    Sarah Arpin, Tyler Raven Billingsley, Daniel Rayor Hast, Jun Bo Lau, Ray Perlner, and Angela Robinson
Multivariate Cryptography and the MinRank Problem
  • Improvement of algebraic attacks for superdetermined MinRank
    Magali Bardet and Manon Bertin
  • A New Fault Attack on UOV Multivariate Signature Scheme
    Hiroki Furue, Yutaro Kiyomura, Tatsuya Nagasawa, and Tsuyoshi Takagi
  • MR-DSS – Smaller MinRank-based (Ring-)Signatures
    Emanuele Bellini, Andre Esser, Carlo Sanna, and Javier Verbel
  • IPRainbow
    Ryann Cartor, Max Cartor, Mark Lewis, and Daniel Smith-Tone
  • 2F - A New Method for Constructing Efficient Multivariate Encryption Schemes
    Daniel Smith-Tone
Quantum Algorithms, Attacks and Models
  • Quantum Attacks on Lai-Massey Structure
    Shuping Mao, Tingting Guo, Peng Wang, Lei Hu
  • Sponge-based Authenticated Encryption: Security against Quantum Attackers
    Christian Janson and Patrick Struck
  • Post-quantum Plaintext-awareness
    Ehsan Ebrahimi and Jeroen van Wier
  • On Quantum Ciphertext Indistinguishability, Recoverability, and OAEP
    Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck
Implementation and Side channel attacks
  • Efficiently Masking Polynomial Inversion at Arbitrary Order
    Markus Krausz, Georg Land, Jan Richter-Brockmann, and Tim Güneysu
  • A Power Side-Channel Attack on the Reed-Muller Reed-Solomon Version of the HQC Cryptosystem
    Thomas Schamberger, Lukas Holzbaur, Julian Renner, Antonia Wachter-Zeh, and Georg Sigl
  • A New Key Recovery Side-Channel Attack on HQC with Chosen Ciphertext
    Guillaume Goy, Antoine Loiseau, and Philippe Gaborit
  • On Actively Secure Fine-Grained Access Structures from Isogeny Assumptions
    Fabio Campos and Philipp Muth
  • Attack on SHealS and HealS: the Second Wave of GPST
    Steven D. Galbraith and Yi-Fu Lai
  • Post-Quantum Signal Key Agreement from SIDH
    Samuel Dobson and Steven D. Galbraith
Lattice-Based Cryptography
  • Forward-Secure Revocable Secret Handshakes from Lattices
    Zhiyuan An, Jing Pan, Yamin Wen, and Fangguo Zhang
  • Estimating the Hidden Overheads in the BDGL Lattice Sieving Algorithm
    Léo Ducas
  • Breaking Category Five SPHINCS+ with SHA-256
    Ray Perlner, John Kelsey, and David Cooper

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